A Skill to Kill. Your experiences, your stories.

In the comments below share something that has happened to you in a game. Maybe everything you had planned came together and you vanquished your foe. Maybe something hilarious happened to you and you’d like to share it. We’re looking for those moments that make gaming so fun to you that you will never not be a gamer.

I have posted a very recent story for the first one and will add more as time goes by. I look forward to reading your stories!

One thought on “A Skill to Kill. Your experiences, your stories.”

  1. 9/25/2017

    Playing Fallout 4 on Survival difficulty earlier today..

    I was heading to the police station where Paladin Danse is set up to help him out with some mission. About a block away from the station a group of raiders saw (and probably heard) me coming their way and opened fire. I think there were 3 or 4 of them. Not only was I unlucky enough to encounter a group of Gunners with the Raiders, there was a huge pack of Rust Devil’s and their protectrons!

    The only things I had going for me was Piper soaking up some of the damage and one of my Provisioners was doing his route and got in on the fight. Oh ya and if all that wasnt enough, one of the raiders was a Legendary and the Rust Devil’s also had a Legendary..

    After many fire fights, car explosions, molotovs bursting into flame and grenades being thrown all around me, I was able to quickly dispatch a couple raiders who had the high ground on me. This allowed me to take the hill and get behind some cover.

    The last of them was the Legendary Rust Devil and he was taking me down quick. I had to use Med-X and stims to just be able to run back to find more cover. In the end I prevailed but had I been alone I dont think I would have made it.

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